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Large town
1,920 humans, 544 dwarves, 320 aiuvarins, 416 other
Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 47

The town of Macridi (pronounced ma-KRID-ee)1 is located in central Druma in the middle of the Palakar Forest. It sits at the confluence of the Great Goldpan River and the Profit's Flow, and is primarily a logging town.2 Although just as affluent as the other population centers of the Kalistrocracy, Macridi's residents do not feel the need to display their wealth as openly. This gives the wooded town a somewhat less opulent feel.3

Lumber industry

Most of the money in Macridi is made in the logging industry. Unlike in other logging communities, where nearby forests are clearcut for profit, the citizens of Macridi take a more long-sighted approach, selecting to fell only the choicest and most expensive trees. This also puts them in good standing with the local fey community of the Palakar Forest, who understand that the city's inhabitants could take a much more ruthless approach should they so choose. In return, some of the fey acts as scouts, tipping off the lumber industry when they discover particularly impressive darkwood or paueliel trees. Even though this might seem like atypical behavior coming from a fey inhabitant of the forest, these faeries understand that the sacrifice of a few trees saves the whole forest.2

Cult of the Dominion of the Black

Abtaroh Vorenic leads a small cult dedicated to the Dominion of the Black from her family estate in Macridi.4


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