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Type Animal
CR 1/3
Environment Temperate oceans

Source: Ultimate Wilderness, pg(s). 194

Popotos are the smallest dolphins known on Golarion. Like their larger relatives, they have positive reputations among sailors, who avoid harming them and consider them to be lucky creatures. Certain tales tell of popotos that led lost swimmers back to shore or fought off sharks much larger than themselves. Popotos are sometimes taken as familiars.[1][2]


Popotos are patterned white, grey, and black on their bodies with the black extending up onto the rounded dorsal fin. Compared with other dolphins, a popoto possesses a short snout.[2]


Popotos, like other dolphins, are social creatures that usually live in groups with others of their kind. These groups, called pods, usually contain three to five specimens. They live in shallow coastal waters, but can tolerate freshwater and are known to head into rivers while hunting, sometimes making their way miles inland.[1][2]


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