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Portal talk:Religion

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Updates and revamp

This portal is the second most often visited page on the wiki. As such, I think it needs to get some attention. I plan to undertake several of these tasks, but welcome any input or assistance in the endeavor

  • Add art (likely holy symbols of one deity per pantheon, if available) to make it less of a wall of text.
  • Reform the category structure so that we have a base Religion category, with subcategories coming off that.
  • Create a single page on each pantheon as a guide for players (similar to the Osirian pantheon article, but with holy symbols and a prettier table. (Since we'll have tables for every deity ever in Inner Sea Gods, these are practically made for us.

Much of this effort is to set a standard for how portals should look and function, and how the root articles they immediate link to should be mini-portals all on their own. Paizo Publishing, LLC.png Yoda8myhead (talk) 18:16, 13 March 2014 (UTC)

Initial Thoughts from Fleanetha

How do we know it's second most visited? Intriguing. This is a favourite page of mine because it is well-loved, so just because it may not look nice, I have a pretty good idea this page is very authoritative (which may be a reason for its popularity). We must not lose that. Anyway happy to help.

CATEGORIES: I have just had a look at categories and raised Category:Religion to the top and added some sensible subcats into there. This brought Category:Inhabitants by religion back in from the cold. I also tweaked the cats on your Osirian pantheon article to better sit in the current hierarchy. See what you think - is this where you wanted to go?

LOOK & FEEL: I do like that we have a page where every deity is listed in one place even if that does make a wall of text. That comprehensive view does have a value. As well as adding art - always good - is there a way of making the subsections into 'twisties'? That would mean a reader could hide sections in which they weren't interested. Default would be see everything but then you could customize the page view easily by clicking on a twisty icon to lessen the content viewed.

PANTHEON PAGES: Excellent idea.

RATIONALIZATION: Linking to my comment elsewhere re whether we have the right portals (Forum:Portals for Adoption), creating a 'Philosophy' portal and better wiki page (my attempt is bare-bones) would mean we could remove those from this list. OK they are not vast, but they really shouldn't be there. Especially now that Paizo has spent more time elaborating philosophical elements in the game, perhaps now is the time to set them up on their own?

HOME: We do categorize and display on this portal some very useful structure. One view that we do not have, which we could add to this portal (yes I know this is making it even bigger) is a grouping by the homeland of the gods: the planes and other common locations for gods.

--Fleanetha (talk) 16:19, 14 March 2014 (UTC)