Post Guard

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Post Guard
Type District Guard
Leader Ayunga of House Akkesh
Headquarters Postern Gate, Eastgate district, Absalom
Scope Local

Source: Guide to Absalom, pg(s). 24

The Post Guard is the District Guard of the Eastgate district of the city of Absalom. The Postern Gate serves as the headquarters of the guard. The guards train harder than even the First Guard. In times of war they are officially assigned only to guard the Postern but have a history of volunteering for suicidal missions to save the city. Each guard is given three months off-duty each year and most of them use it to train themselves or serve as guards to caravans or explorers' expeditions to the Isle of Kortos' interior. Ayunga of House Akkesh is the captain of the Post Guard as well as the nomarch of the Eastgate Council.[1]


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