Promised Land

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The so-called Promised Land is a floating island that exists on Avernus, the first layer of Hell. It is constantly shrouded in mist and cloud as it drifts across the infernal plane. It is also the personal home to the master of Avernus, the Archdevil Barbatos.[1]


Although at a distance the Promised Land appears to be a natural paradise, arrivals quickly realise the twisted nature of the island. Animals and plants alike are horribly deformed, rivers and forests possess a vicious hunger, and the white-gowned inhabitants would scream in horror if they still possessed mouths. The land itself is a roiling mass of worms that constantly spill to the land below.[1]

Places of Interest

The most notable landmark is the Penitent Cross, a bleeding willow tree at the heart of the Promised Land. The vitality-sapped victims of Barbatos hang from the branches of this enormous tree, a punishment for those who fail in service to the plane's dark master.[1]