Penitent Cross

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The archdevil Barbatos employs numerous infernal dukes to protect Avernus from incursions and to document the number of souls entering Hell. Barbatos considers treachery by a subordinate to be one of the greatest crimes one could commit. As such, the Bearded Lord employs a special torture for insubordination. In the center of the Promised Land is a colossal willow tree that constantly bleeds called the Penitent Cross where he hangs the weakened bodies of worshippers, devils, and infernal dukes who have plotted betrayal against him or failed in their duties. Most infernal dukes are not slain by forces outside Hell, but instead covet an even greater position and are destroyed by their superiors. The Penitent Cross is a gruesome reminder to all who serve Barbatos of what happens to these traitors. The infernal dukes Drobail, Gavarse and Sobartonz are known to hang upon the tree. Barbatos' home is nearby where he meditates, steers the Promised Land, performs his infernal duties, and uses astral projection to travel the multiverse.[1][2]


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