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Type Outsider
(extraplanar, incorporeal)
CR 8
Environment Any (Astral Plane)

Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 197

Psychementals are thoughts given form on the Astral Plane.[1]


Psychementals resemble amorphous fields made up of fluctuating colours, shapes, and faces that reflect their evolving thoughts and new perceptions.[1]


Psychementals form from particularly strong thoughts that gather quintessence as they travel and develop sentience as they collide with other ideas and memories. Each psychemental consists of hundreds of individual consciences that lack context and might war against each other for centuries before coming to an uneasy consensus that can easily be shocked into bickering and violence by a surprise.[1]

Psychementals temporarily absorb fragments of others' minds to heal themselves. These are never lethal on their own and the stolen mental fragments eventually reform, but the potential to leave a victim comatose for a long time can be quite dangerous.[1]


Psychementals are not evil and seek out interactions with intelligent creatures for learning and socialisation, but are easily startled due to the upsetting stimuli that created them. However, they are very engaging conversationalists to those who approach them without malice, and all are experts in a variety of esoteric topics. Making a psychemental feel safe might make one into its friend for life.[1]


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