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Titles the Rain of Embers
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Phoenix
Gender Female
Homeland Worldwound

Source: Mythical Monsters Revisited, pg(s). 50–51

Pyralisia, the Rain of Embers, was once one of the most powerful and benevolent phoenixes in Avistan. She originally came to Mendev to help in the fight against the demons of the Worldwound, and achieved fame during the First Mendevian Crusade when she led a charge against the forces of a marilith general. She became one of casualties of the Second Mendevian Crusade, however, when she attempted to defend the still-incomplete wardstone blockade from an Abyssal rift. Pyralisia blocked the rift with her own body, preventing the demons behind the rift from exiting it and absorbing the Abyssal flames that emanated from it. Although she successfully protected the wardstone line, Pyralisia was overwhelmed and slain by the Abyssal energies. When she was resurrected by her innate magic, the Abyssal fire mingled with her own and tainted it, resurrecting Pyralisia as a creature consumed by evil.[1]

After her resurrection, Pyralisia began roaming the Worldwound as a danger to crusaders and demons alike. Although the other phoenixes supporting the crusade—including her mate, Garidor—suspect that Pyralisia would return to being her old, benevolent self if killed and allowed to resurrect naturally, the corrupted phoenix has so far proved too powerful for either crusaders or other phoenixes to take down.[1]

Recently, Pyralisia has vanished form the Worldwound after being captured by the marilith Aponavicius. The marilith warlord imprisoned the captured phoenix in her personal lair on the edges of the Rasping Rifts, where she keeps her as a pet and guardian.[2]