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Type Outsider
(extraplanar, fire)
CR 5
Environment Any (Plane of Fire)

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 229

Rasts are a bizarre species of outsiders native to the deserts of the Plane of Fire.[1]


Rasts are flying organisms resembling nothing so much as floating bags of bright red, purple, and yellow flesh roughly the size of a human, bulging with organs and veins and with a varying number of insectile legs—usually about a dozen—dangling beneath their bulk. Tiny eyes, almost lost in the folds of their owners' flesh and skin, peer out from above mouths filled with sharp teeth.[1]


Rasts are social predators, moving in large schools through the ashen skies of their home plane in search of prey, which they attempt to incapacitate with their paralyzing gazes before feeding on their blood and organs. Rasts are kept in check on their home plane by the other creatures they share it with, but packs that make their way to the Material Plane can swiftly become ecological catastrophes, driven by their ceaseless hunger into devouring everything in their path.[1]

Rasts live in shallow burrows scooped out of the ground, where they give birth to live, squirming young.[1]

Although rasts possess multiple legs, they can only control four of them at any given time and must leave the others to hang uselessly or thrash and flail of their own accord. These limbs do not serve to support their owner on the ground—indeed, rasts are skilled fliers and move in mid-air with a grace that belies their ungainly forms—and serve primarily to move or hold objects and to slash at prey.[1]


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