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Manta ray

Rays are a type of fish distinguished by flattened bodies, sail-like fins, and long tails that give them a kite-like appearance.1


Rays are carnivorous fish. All species of ray possess a rudimentary sense of electrolocation, which can sense the electrical fields produced by other living creatures.1


Blood rays

Blood rays are ambush predators that inhabit swamps. They paralyze prey with their sting, and then drain their victims' blood.1

Leviathan rays

Leviathan rays are immense deep-ocean predators capable of swallowing ships whole.1

Manta rays

Manta rays are passive filter feeders found in the surface waters of temperate and tropical oceans, where they feed on plankton and small fish. They are often domesticated by aquatic elves and other water-dwelling cultures, who use them as messengers, beasts of burden, and pets. Manta rays are generally unsuitable as mounts, but can be used to pull carriages and carts.1 A magic item, known as a cloak of the manta ray, is named after this species due, in part, to the physical similarity between the ray and the cloak.2


Stingrays possess poisonous stingers in their tails, and normally live hidden in sediments at the bottom of seas and freshwater bodies.1


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