Red Bishop

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Red Bishop

Source: Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast, pg(s). 82 (1E)
Seven Dooms for Sandpoint, pg(s). 196–197 (2E)

The Red Bishop is a mothman cleric of Pazuzu who seeks to attract the attention of the demon Uvaglor to the Lost Coast and turn the Pit into a portal to Uvaglor's realm in the Outer Rifts. However, the Red Bishop cannot do this until a ward left in the Pit by Sazzleru, a long-dead priestess of Ashava, is destroyed, which can only be done by powerful non-evil mortals.2

Since his arrival to the Lost Coast in 4700 AR,3 the Red Bishop has committed numerous atrocities, from corrupting Jervis Stoot into a serial killer to enslaving the inhabitants of Grubber's Hermitage, in order to attract heroes to the Sandpoint Hinterlands. At such a point he plans to appear in front of the heroes to ask them for their help in destroying the ward, so that he and his minions would leave Sandpoint alone.2

Otherwise, the Red Bishop would burn Sandpoint to the ground and ensure that everyone who dies would blame the heroes for their refusal to help him. If they accept, he would keep his word, but the devastation wrought by the unleashed Uvaglor and his minions would be far greater.2

The Red Bishop sometimes disguises himself as a red seagull, which has been noted as accompanying strange or unfortunate occurrences in the waters around Sandpoint.45 Some fishers suggest the bird's color and behavior associates it with Stoot and have nicknamed it the Stoot Bird.46


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