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The Misbegotten Prince
Advanced vrock
Source: Demons Revisited, pg(s). 62

Uvaglor is a vrock, the spawn of Lamashtu and Pazuzu, who possesses a third eye capable of seeing the future.1


Uvaglor was born during the Age of Creation shortly after his parents first met and went to Golarion to mate. He spent an unnaturally short time in his mother's womb, created the Rasp as he was born, and was abandoned by his parents when they returned to the Outer Rifts. Lamashtu and Pazuzu soon became arch-enemies, and both of their cults deny Uvaglor's existence out of terrible shame.12

In the Age of Anguish, Uvaglor emerged from the Pit to enslave the local Varisians, who had just recovered from Thassilonian slavery and Earthfall. The Varisians asked Lamashtu for help, but her minions only aided them for a short while before betraying them as well. Eventually, both Uvaglor and Lamashtu's servants were defeated by Sazzleru, a priestess of Ashava. Uvaglor was banished to a prison in the Maelstrom, and Sazzleru left behind a ward to contain the Abyssal infection in the Pit that could only be undone by powerful non-evil mortals.123

Current plans

Eventually, Uvaglor escaped from his prison and returned to the Outer Rifts to gather power. He then turned his attention toward his birthplace and appointed several agents, led by the Red Bishop, to the Lost Coast. The Red Bishop seeks to attract heroes to the area and asks them for their help in destroying Sazzleru's ward so that the Pit can be connected to Uvaglor's realm in the Outer Rifts, unleashing him upon Golarion.23


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