Redtooth (person)

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Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Ysoki
Class Rogue 6
Gender Female
Homeland Scrapwall, Numeria
Deity None
Organization Redtooth's Raiders
Companion(s) Whiskifiss

Source: Lords of Rust, pg(s). 60-61
For another meaning of "Redtooth", please see Redtooth.

Redtooth is the leader of a ysoki clan that makes its home in Scrapwall. A Scrapwall native, she has seen her Redtooth's Raiders lose clout with the rise of the Lords of Rust and their god, Hellion. Her brother Whiskifiss has also been captured by the Smilers. While resourceful, the Raiders' waning power has Redtooth considering drastic measures to slow or stop the Lords of Rust's ascension.[1]


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