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(Magic item)
Aura Moderate conjuration and evocation
Caster Level 10
Type Magic weapon
Slot None
Origin Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Affiliation Arnlaugr the Fearless

Source: Undead Unleashed, pg(s). 9

Rixbrand was the legendary dragon-bane sword of the Ulfen hero Arnlaugr the Fearless. Arnlaugr disappeared in the Black Tarn, clad in his linnorm-scale armor and wielding the legendary sword, in 4648 AR. He was after the head of an ancient water orm named Blackfin but he was lured to his untimely demise in the cold depths of the Black Tarn by the fey witch Valdis who reanimated him as a draugr.[1][2]

Rixbrand is a double-sided blade of folded blue steel, intricately engraved with ancient runes that light up with electric flame in the presence of dragonkind. Its hilt is inlaid with ebony and wrapped with silver wire and its pommel features two silvered dragon heads.[3]