Varisian Gulf

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A map of Varisia, with the Varisian Gulf listed as the Varisian Bay.

The Varisian Gulf, sometimes called Varisian Bay, is one of the most prominent features of the Varisian landscape, providing the border for most of the western edge of the land. Formed when the empire of Thassilon shattered over ten thousand years ago, the gulf is all the remains of much of the western holdings of the once-great nation. In modern times, few know of the Thassilonian relics that rest beneath the waves, yet the few remnants of the lost empire that still stand on dry land on the gulf's edges, such as Hollow Mountain and the ruins of the Irespan in Magnimar, remain as reminders of nations lost to the depths.12

Separated from the Arcadian Ocean on its western edge by a large archipelago, the waters of the Varisian Gulf are relatively calm, leading to the establishment of a number of large port cities on its shore. Both Magnimar and Riddleport rest on the gulf, and trade is heavy through its waters, as are pirates looking for plunder.[citation needed]

Flora and fauna

The Varisian Gulf is home to a wide variety of creatures, many of them dangerous to the people who dwell near its seemingly placid waters. Among the most notorious are the swamp barracuda,3 bunyip,4 devilfish,5 and reefclaw.6

Places of interest