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Clouded naga

Source: Monster Core, pg(s). 236–237

Smaranavas, also known as clouded nagas, are solitary creatures who bear the weight of mourning and guilt for the beheading of Ravithra, the mother deity of all nagas.1


Smaranavas have dark scales discolored by shedding that fails to fall, and their eyes are capped in opaque milky white. Many bear ritualistic scars on their necks, self-inflicted out of sorrow for Ravithra.1


Smaranavas are burdened by the knowledge of Ravithra's beheading, which fills them with a twisted desire to fulfill her purpose themselves by inflicting tests and temptations upon mortals. While they believe they are separating mortality's worthy from its wicked, they are often instead perceived as jealous and malevolent, and few probe deeply enough to learn the traumatic pain these naga feel.1

According to legends, a smaranava can be freed from its self-cursed fate through enlightened guidance and wisdom, a process that would allow them to shed their clouded form and become a vicharamuni.1


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