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Spirit naga

Spirit nagas are a race of naga outcasts shunned for their dark powers and loathsome ways.1


A typical spirit naga is slender, with the scales of a venomous serpent and greasy hair framing their pale faces. Most measure 14 feet long and weigh less than 300 pounds.1


Spirit nagas see their innate magical talents as evidence of their status as the inheritors of some mysterious dark favour. Most commune with powers of death and devastation, work profane rites, and seek grotesque auguries from cults. Spirit nagas have an enchanting gaze, turning victims into fanatics and sacrifices.1

Spirit nagas inhabit places of death and destruction, especially those imbued with corruption like crypts of tyrants or ruins of nefarious castles.1


Spirit nagas sometimes band together in small groups, mimicking hag covens. However, they are loyal to none other than themselves and these alliances always end in betrayal.1

On Golarion

Skull-masked spirit nagas lurk in the cremation pits of Geer Pharas in Vudra, stealing corpses about to be immolated. Spirit naga witches also serve as the totems, teachers and ritual memory of the Night Sashes, a slayer academy. In Kaer Maga, spirit nagas walk the streets openly alongside dark nagas, and the two races are colloquially known as wormfolk.2


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