Spirit (Forest of Spirits)

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This article is about the incorporeal beings inhabiting the Forest of Spirits. For concepts and creatures that have been described generically as spirits, see also soul, incorporeal undead, fey, kami, and oni.

Spirits are countless incorporeal beings that wander the Forest of Spirits, bearing similarities to both ghosts and haunts but being neither. Spirits can detect and are attracted to living creatures that wander within the Forest of Spirits, which they can then possess. Spirits cannot control their hosts, but exert some influence on them by whispering in their mind, appearing in dreams, or manipulating their emotions, as well as providing a bane or a boon. Unlike ghosts, they are not bound to a specific location.1

Spirits are invisible until they manifest; when they do, they will immediately try to possess a host, preferably one that shares their alignment. Outside of a host, spirits can be harmed only by positive energy or by a weakness specific to each individual spirit. A possessing spirit must be driven out of its host with abjuration magic. Multiple spirits can possess the same host, and the more spirits possessing a single host, the more confusing and distracting the cacophony of voices inside the host's mind becomes.1

Spirits are never neutrally aligned; they are at least one of the good, evil, lawful, or chaotic alignments.1


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