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Forest of Spirits

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For another meaning of "Forest of Spirits", please see Forest of Spirits (adventure).

The Forest of Spirits is an immense pine woodland located just below the arctic circle on the continent of Tian Xia. It lies east of the nation of Hongal and to the northwest of Minkai, separating this latter country from mainland Tian Xia. A distance of 1,200 miles separates Hongal from Minkai through the extent of the Forest of Spirits. It is the primeval birthplace of the nature spirits known as the kami.[1][2]


The Forest of Spirits is located in a subarctic environment and so is almost always covered in snow. It is dominated by massive pine trees which are so densely packed together, there is practically no undergrowth.[2]

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Life in the Forest

Human establishments are rare even on the edges of the forest, but quickly peter out as one enters deeper into the forest. Animals are plentiful as are incorporeal spirits which give the forest its name, and the kami.[2] The catlike porachas are also plentiful within the forest.[3]

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