Squamous demodand

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Squamous demodand

(chaotic, demodand, evil, extraplanar)
Source: Book of the Damned, pg(s). 244-245

Squamous demodands are the biggest, mightiest, most murderous and least intelligent of the demodands. They serve as living war engines of mass destruction in demodand legions.1


Towering blocks muscle, squamous demodands have four taloned arms, a toothy toad-like head, sharp scales and a pair of bony wings capable of allowing their 120-ton weight to fly. They stand over 50 feet tall.1


Squamous demodands were the among the last of the demodands created by the thanatotic titans. When the earliest demodands came to an agreement that they needed more sheer muscle to better serve their masters (an uncommon occurrence for a chaotic race), the shaggy demodands approached their masters with the idea of an enormous, mighty, monstrous type of demodand. The titans saw merit in this idea and formed the first squamous demodands by fusing shaggy demodand flesh with tough scales made of Abyssal essence.1


Squamous demodands are by far the most dim-witted demodands and always serve under a high-ranking shaggy demodand or a thanatotic titan, without whom they revert to their base instincts. They are more driven by hunger for flesh and blood more than anything else, and shaggy demodands have to spend centuries to condition squamous demodands into focusing on destroying enemy installations instead of gorging on their kills.1

Shaggy demodands with the most favour from their titanic masters are next in line for transformation into squamous demodands.1


Each large demodand army is typically outfitted with a single squamous demodand. Adding more than one is a challenge, as they easily view each other as rivals and might turn on each other, putting the army at risk. Squamous demodands are rarely put together into battalions with the purpose of wreaking havoc on an especially large scale, but this is usually a sign of desperation from demodand generals, who are seldom willing to deal with a blindly raging battalion of squamous demodands.1

Due to their low intelligence and animalistic behaviour, squamous demodands are content following the orders of shaggy demodands, as long as they are provided food and opportunities for destruction. If conflicts arise between shaggy demodands, squamous demodands usually follow the strongest one, although a squamous demodand that has served a shaggy demodand for a long time might view it protectively like an adult child to a parent. As the squamous demodand defends its superior or exacts revenge on its behalf, a massive and very destructive civil war sparks that can only be cooled down with difficulty by the thanatotic titans themselves.1


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