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Stringy demodand

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Stringy demodand

(chaotic, demodand, evil, extraplanar)
Any (Abyss)
Source: Bestiary 5, pg(s). 73

Stringy demodands are demodands who serve their thanatotic titan masters by abducting slaves across the Outer Rifts.1


A stringy demodand resembles a lanky, winged humanoid covered in layers of long, ropy, obsidian-colored skin growths. These outgrowths sprout from the stringy demodand's head to the tips of its wings and its shins, and resemble four-foot-long skin tags the girth of a human finger. The demodand has a small measure of control over these bobbing and swaying appendages. Because they cover most of stringy demodands' bodies, the creatures usually do not need armour. Stringy demodands are typically six feet tall and weigh 300 pounds.1

The demodand's stringy, rubbery skin growths lack nerves and grow rapidly in a manner more similar to hair than flesh. When severed, they rapidly regenerate. Stringy demodands wear these growths like shawls when not active, or braid their growths into headdresses that wrap around their torsos.1

A stringy demodand's voice is nasally grating to humans and demons alike. Tales suggest that the thanatotic titans who first witnessed the creation of a stringy demodand screamed in such anger that stringy demodands instantly learned how to scream like a deity.2

Habitat and ecology

Like all demodands, stringy demodands are hatched at random from fertilized demodand eggs. They are immediately driven by their innate instinct to dominate others and either destroy the rest of their clutch or become its most dominant demodand.12

While they form enclaves of similar fiends when at rest, stringy demodands prefer to work alone and cooperate with others only when ordered to by a thanatotic titan. When executing titans' orders, they do so to such an extreme zeal that they destroy allies (solely excepting their commanding shaggy demodands) for underperformance.2

Their dispositions and autonomy make them well suited to being the Outer Rifts' slave masters, but their excessive violence leads them to kill or maim more victims than they conscript.2