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Thanatotic titan

Thanatotic titans are traitorous titans who rebelled against the gods and were banished into the Abyss as punishment. They are the creator of the fiendish race known as demodands.1


Titans are 70 feet tall and weigh 20 tons. Their hands end in claws, and their voices thunder with ruinous power.12


In the distant past, when the mightiest titans grew jealous of the worship the gods received from mortals, they began a crusade to destroy mortal life. These thanatotic titans were betrayed by their Elysian cousins and defeated by the gods, who banished them to the Abyss for eternity.12

In the Abyss, their festering hatred and arrogance led the thanatotic titans to create their own worshippers, beings of unquestionable beauty, skill and strength. They melded together the foul soil of the Abyss and water of the River Styx to clay, sculpted it, and let their own blood flow into their creations, which fulfilled the titans' expectations for brief moments before oozing into grotesque forms and coming to life, becoming the first demodands. Despite this deformation, the demodands were still fiercely loyal to the titans, who in turn accepted them as their flawed creations.345


Thanatotic titans are universally bitter, cruel, and jealous of both the gods and the Elysian titans, who can wander the planes at will while they are only allowed to leave the Abyss by stealth. Thanatotic titans are convinced that only they are truly worthy of adulation and worship.13


Thanatotic titans spend most of their time brooding, fighting among themselves or against the demon lords for control over the Abyss. Some thanatotic titans work to found personal cults among mortals, while others wage unending crusades against worshippers of the gods. Many thanatotic titans live in Uligor, the realm of the demon lord Orcus, of whom an individual titan can be a worshipper, ally, or enemy. Great tracts of Uligor are scarred by the wars between Orcus and the thanatotic titans.16

Though horribly misshapen, the thanatotic titans' demodand servants are unfailingly loyal and assist them in their vain attempts to conquer the multiverse, which they now wage through subterfuge rather than open warfare. They and their servants alike see the fratricidal conflict between newborn demodand siblings as necessary to make the demodand race stronger.34


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