Swamp blight

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Swamp blight

(aquatic, blight)
Any swamps
Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 44

Swamp blights are a species of blight that inhabit wetlands.1[citation needed]


A swamp blight is a quivering blob with five stinger-tipped tentacles and dozens of red eyes, surrounded by a cloud of mosquitoes. A swamp blight is seven feet across and weighs 540 pounds.1[citation needed]


Swamp blights rule over wetlands, and those who die within their domain become either swamp mummies or mummy lords. These mummies are the preferred weapon of swamp blights and often drag their victims to be killed within the blight's domain so they would rise as more mummies, but the swamp blights are willing to share their realms with no one else and will eventually get rid of their own minions.1[citation needed]


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