Forest blight

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Forest blight
A forest blight
Type Ooze
CR 18
Environment Any forests
Images of forest blights

Source: Bestiary 6, pg(s). 41

Forest blights are a species of blight that haunt forests.[1]


A forest blight is a thick, wet, dark green ooze with red eyes and two tentacles tipped with thorny claws. A forest blight is seven feet across and weighs 350 pounds.[1]


Forest blights cause ordinary plants in their domain to twist and clutch at intruders, and are capable of controlling plant monsters to do their bidding. They are drawn towards isolated lumber camps, wilderness trade routes, and forest settlements; they often allow a few survivors to escape so they can lure prospective heroes to foolishly challenge the forest blight. Victims of a forest blight have their flesh transformed into increasingly immobile plant matter, eventually becoming a tree.[1]