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Name Change?

Cheliax, The Infernal Empire strangely does not mention Kharijite at all and discusses "the region of northern Rahadoum known as Khari" on p. 5. --Fleanetha (talk) 20:32, 23 December 2015 (UTC)

Per the canon policy, I'm not sure it's explicit enough to warrant a name change as the region could feasibly be called multiple things. Kharijite is mentioned in the description of the upcoming Lost Colony of Taldor, so we perhaps could look to it when it's released in February for some sort of confirmation.
The city of Khari is mentioned in the fiction for Hell's Rebels, the Chelaxian entry in Inner Sea Races, and in The Inner Sea World Guide, but there's nothing one way or the other in these sources on the name of the region surrounding Khari. -Oznogon (talk) 21:57, 23 December 2015 (UTC)