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Kharijite in northern Garund is the southernmost region of Cheliax, and the only one not located on the continent of Avistan. It was wrested from the nation of Rahadoum by Prince Haliad I in the mid-42nd century AR and has remained under Chelish control ever since. Its strategic location allows Cheliax to control the Hespereth Strait and both ends of the Arch of Aroden, thereby exerting significant control over sea travel into and out of the Inner Sea. The inhabitants now consider themselves more Chelaxian than Rahadoumi, and it is considered to be part of the Archduchy of Longmarch.[1][2][3] A large number of brass dragons once lived in Kharijite, but most fled Cheliax after the evil House Thrune assumed control of the empire.[4]


The main settlement is the city of Khari.[5]