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Type Animal
CR 1/6
Environment Temperate forests or hills

Source: Druma, Profit and Prophecy, pg(s). 63

Tauhotis are a species of squirrel with the proclivity to trade food with other animals.[1]


A tauhoti is a fluffy squirrel with long tufts on its ears.[1]


In warm seasons, tauhotis range wide to gather food so they have enough to eat in the winter. They readily share what they have to other hungry animals, and never forget those that have given or taken food from them, recognising them by scent. The following season, tauhotis chirp and nip at their debtors until repaid. Some animals enter mutualistic relationships with tauhotis, giving them rare food in exchange for what the tauhoti has.[1]


Citizens of Druma see kinship with tauhotis and believe that their owners are trustworthy, since they never forget slights and reward their companions well. They have also bred an albino variant designed to appeal to Kalistocrats.[1]


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