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Source: Fangwood Keep, pg(s). 3

Tessarael was a commander of the elven force sent from Sovyrian to battle Treerazer. Her mind was warped by Treerazer and his allies, causing her to turn against the elves. Banished, she sought her own way to return to Sovyrian and execute Treerazer's secret plan. With the assistance of warped monsters and constructs, she built a tower along the Marideth River in 2693 AR for her experiments.123 The arcane engine she constructed did send her through space, but she never arrived on Sovyrian. Her current location or whether she still lives is unknown.1

A rock outside of the northeast section of Fangwood Keep's tower wall has Tessarael's rune, comprised of four overlapping circles, carved into it.4


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