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Type Magical Beast
CR 17
Environment Any (prefers hills)

Source: Bestiary II, pg(s). 263

Thrasfyr are bizarre creatures of the First World, members of the legendary group known as the Tane. The secret of their creation is known only to the fey lords called the Eldest.

A thrasfyr could be described as a huge six-legged bear, with bull-like horns and a fire-breathing serpent for a tail. It is wrapped in chains, which it can animate to attack its foes.

It is said that the first thrasfyr were created from beautiful fey; these fey were punished by the Eldest by being transformed into such an unfortunate shape, and today all thrasfyr dream of being such graceful creatures.

A thrasfyr can choose to bond with another willing creature, allowing both to communicate telepathically and sense each other's state of well being.[1]


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