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Source: From Hell's Heart, pg(s). 66

Ugash-Iram is the ruler of Achom, a city of evil aquatic creatures located deep in the Yogisa Trench, in the middle of the Obari Ocean, south of Jalmeray. It resides in Deep Achom, which serves as both a palace and temple where it and its minions perform profane rites of worship to their patron Dagon.1


Ugash-Iram is a massive devilfish with twelve tentacles, a fanged maw in place of a beak, and malignant glowing green eyes.1


Ugash-Iram rules over thousands of minions consisting of all sorts of evil aquatic races, most prominently sahuagin, adaros, and iku-tursos, who extend its reach to as far as Qadira and Geb. Ugash-Iram's favourite prisoner is the kraken Hurkera, which it keeps in its palace, to be tortured and subjected to blasphemous experiments by the seven ghawwas whom it recruited from Abaddon; Ugash-Iram hopes to create its own race of 12-tentacled followers, in emulation of how Dagon created the devilfish race by defeating the great kraken Kaktora. A bizarre creature, claimed to be a hydraggon, has been reported dwelling in Deep Achom. It is speculated that the ghawwas and hydraggon are servants gifted by Dagon himself.1

Ugash-Iram is opposed by numerous non-evil aquatic creatures like merfolk and cecaelias. When captured by Ugash-Iram's minions, they are brought to Achom, to be either enslaved or converted to Dagon's worship. Recently, these opposers have formed a council against Ugash-Iram, and seek a magical device of unclear origin south of Stonespire Island, to be used against its minions.1


Ugash-Iram is estimated to be at least three millennia old by locathah sages, and has long been feared by underwater and surface dwellers alike. In the past millennium alone, it has destroyed a dozen underwater cities, leaving behind scattered ruins that serve as a testament to its power. Ugash-Iram's legends are shrouded in mystery, since few humanoids have seen it and fewer survived to tell the tale. According to one theory, Ugash-Iram gained its power and tentacles by devouring others of its kind.1

Some years ago, a diplomatic fleet from Vudra was intercepted by Ugash-Iram's adaro and sahuagin minions. Except for the dozen lucky sailors who were killed, the rest were smeared with a magical jelly that allowed them to breathe underwater, then brought to Achom, tortured, experimented on, and finally sacrificed to Dagon.1


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