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Source: Monsters of Myth, pg(s). 124

Ulistul is an ancient automaton who has never abandoned the Jistka Imperium, millennia after her country was destroyed.1 She seeks to bring forth a new golden age for Jistka, though most of her knowledge and research were lost, including the technique to create new automatons.2


More than half of Ulistul's original body has been replaced by scavenged and rebuilt parts, which do not even share the same colour scheme. When preparing to fight, she replaces her left hand with a long claw.3


Ulistul's former superiors, the Artificer Conclave, are both the greatest threat to her existence and the greatest potential for her goal of rediscovering the ability to build new automatons. She knows of the master automaton, a stronger version of standard automatons designed for members of the Artificer Conclave that can destroy automaton cores, and might be able to achieve her goal if she could study one of their frames. However, the master automatons all went their own way after Jistka's destruction, and might very well destroy Ulistul to empower themselves instead of helping her research.2

For every true automaton Ulistul successfully created, many more were non-functional or even imperfect, whose cores can only capture a fragment of a person's mind. Some continue working with Ulistul, who employs them as spies, couriers, or enforcers.4


Due to Ulistul's mastery of constructs, she was quickly recruited to perfect the automation creation process, and proceeded to transfer scores of colleagues into automaton bodies. When her forges were overrun by Osirian troops, Ulistul fled with her assistants and research, constantly relocating away from the enemy. While she waited for the Artificer Conclave to return, they never did. By the time the Osirians stopped their manhunt, Ulistul's body was irreparably damaged, her associates dead, and most of her knowledge lost.1

Little is known about Ulistul's activities in the ensuing centuries. Shory and Mwangi records speak of her studying with aeromancers and the Magaambya. In an unpopular Taldan legend, an ancient construct visited Taldaris to weigh his worth and departed in disgust. Explorers of the Barrier Wall have discovered at least six caves with Jistkan mathematical graffiti and apparatuses for smithing and inorganic alchemy. If Ulistul was indeed responsible, it can be said that she wandered the Inner Sea region, learning from great minds to perform her experiments. Over the last three centuries, she has been most active in Thuvia and Rahadoum, where people have invented numerous sobriquets for her.1