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First Emperor Taldaris.
Titles First Emperor, General, Grand Prince
Race/Species Human
Gender Male
Homeland Oppara, Taldor
Born -1312 AR
Died -1144 AR
Images of Taldaris

Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 7-8

Taldaris became the first emperor (or Grand Prince as they are officially named) of Taldor in -1281 AR by uniting the local city-states along the eastern coast of the Inner Sea.[1]


Taldaris was reportedly raised by wild lions on the Tandak Plains before he was adopted by Opparan soldiers, and eventually rose to become their ruler. Using his tactical prowess, superior forces, and uncanny luck, Taldaris led his troops in a 12-year-long war of conquest beginning in -1293 AR. He first attacked the larger cities along the Inner Sea coast that posed the greatest threat. Once he had secured their allegiance and resources, he turned his attention on the more distant settlements of the area. He then declared his new nation as the Principalities of Taldaris, ruling over an area that stretched from the southern Verduran Forest, along the coast to the Jalrune River. During his exceptionally long reign (-1281 to -1144 AR), the people of the Principalities came to see themselves as a single civilized nation named Taldor, united against the barbarism of the rest of the world.[1]