Unbound Tribes

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Unbound Tribes

Source: The Frozen Stars, pg(s). 75

The Unbound Tribes are a loose collection of Triaxian tribal and bandit groups in the Drakelands of Triaxus who live outside of the control of the dragons who rule most of that region.1

While the draconic rulers of the Drakelands could easily wipe out the Unbound Tribes, the tribes' location in the areas between different dragons' territories mean that it is difficult for one dragon to make a directed attack against them without seeming to move against a neighboring ruler. Further, many dragons see the Tribes as useful mercenaries and irritants to harass their neighboring rivals without directly implicating themselves.1

Known groups among the Unbound Tribes include the Freepeople, who wage a constant war against the dragons and seek to free the Triaxians enslaved by them, and the Wilders, a band of green-painted isolationists who have violently repelled any attempt to contact them.1


As they are united chiefly by their refusal to bow to the dragons or to join the city-dwellers of the Skyfire Mandate to the Drakelands' east, there is little shared scope, culture, or philosophy among the tribes. Groups can vary in size from bands of a few families to large clans, and vary in their degree of cooperation with the dragons: some Unbound Tribes willingly work as mercenaries for the dragons, some pursue strict isolationism, and some are actively hostile towards the dragons and their forces.1

The Unbound Tribes, however, tend to share their nomadic lifestyles, as well as their tendency to inhabit border areas between the dragons' holdings.1 They also share the tradition of raising wollipeds, and have bred a hardy and unusually carnivorous variant, know as alurals, which are used as battle mounts. Alural milk is fermented into an alcoholic drink, which members of the Unbound Tribes drink on ceremonial occasions.2


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