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Source: The Frozen Stars, pg(s). 86
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Triaxians are the most populous species on the planet Triaxus, the seventh planet in Golarion's solar system. Triaxus' orbit causes centuries-long winters and summers; as their average lifespan is about 80 years, most Triaxians who remain on their home world experience nothing but one long winter or summer. They resemble other humanoids from Golarion, humans and elves in particular, but Triaxians develop certain adaptations to their strange world's environment that mark them as unquestionably alien.12


Like the varying cultures that make up the human race on Golarion, Triaxian populations vary in size, height, weight, and other strong physical characteristics depending on the regions they call home. Most Triaxians are around six feet tall, but are more lean compared to humans of equal height. It is rare to see a Triaxian who weighs over 200 pounds. They have elongated ears akin to elves and halflings, but unlike elves these appendages are notched in a comblike or vaguely feathered pattern. These notches create small flaps in a Triaxian's ears that seem to constantly move or adjust to listen to sounds, allowing them to focus on specific sounds much like animals with similar ears.1

Seasonal variation

Like the many creatures that make up their world, the hardy Triaxians have evolved to shift with their environment. This adaptation creates many differences in generations within the same family line that would be seen as strange to Golarion humanoids.

Triaxians differ significantly depending on the season in which they are born, owing to the length of Triaxus' seasons. The dark-skinned, wide-eyed Triaxians born in the summer phase are called Summerborn, while those born in the winter have white fur and light-shielding narrow eyes and are called Winterborn. Even those born away from Triaxus, regardless of the environment of their birthplace, take on the adaptations of their ancestral world's current season.2

Triaxians born during the relatively brief intermission between long seasons are Transitional Triaxians. They lack any of their kindred's adaptations, but many are particularly well-attuned to weather patterns, even when on worlds other than Triaxus.12

Other variants

Owing to the large population of draconic creatures on the planet, there are known to be dragon-blooded Triaxians.3

Society and culture

Along with their biological adaptations, Triaxian society changes with and adapts to the seasons. Their lifespans mean few Summerborn are alive for winter, and vice versa, and they know each other primarily through folklore. Summerborn are cavalier and restless, while Winterborn treasure honor and trust.

Triaxian druids known as season keepers use their homeworld's intense seasons to help their communities prepare for the coming change in seasons.2


Triaxians speak their own language, also called Triaxian or Triaxian Common. It is a trade language spoken by many more creatures than just the Triaxian humanoids. Only draconic is as widely spoken and understood on the planet.4


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