Urbicus Porphygo

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Urbicus Porphygo
Titles Captain
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human (Taldan)
Class Aristocrat 3 / Cavalier 1
Gender Male
Homeland Canalsguard, Lingian Prefecture, Taldor
Organization House Porphygo

Source: Taldor, the First Empire, pg(s). 24

Captain Urbicus Porphygo is the third son of House Porphygo, a middling noble house of the Taldan capital of Oppara. Urbicus is the current commander of the fortress of Canalsguard and, like most other assigned to this undesirable, backwater posting, he is something of a failure and disappointment. Corruption is rampant at Canalsguard yet, due to his ineptitude, somehow Urbicus manages to remain completely oblivious to it.[1]


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