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FR This chronicler is a refugee from the Forgotten Realms.
Flag of the United States of America. This chronicler lives in the United States.

Editing since Wealday, 20 Gozran, 4711.
The current date is Wealday, 19 Calistril, 4720 AR.

Welcome to my userpage. I've been gaming sporadically since 1979, and I was gish when gish wasn't cool. (Oh, it still isn't? I hadn't heard.) Played every edition of D&D to one extent or another, plus too many other game systems to remember.

I've contributed heavily to several other game wikis over the last four or five years. I avoid both WP and drama whenever possible. For the most part, my edits will be of the WikiGnome variety. (I'm a sucker for functionality.)

Feel free to leave me a message on my talk page, but I ask that you please don't edit this one.

Be seeing you.

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