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Level 14

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 317

Uthuls are thunderstorm-like air elementals filled with endless rage.[1]


Uthuls resemble huge thunderclouds or tornados swirling with debris, lightning, and anger, all while maintaining a typically humanoid shape.[1]


Uthuls have extensive control over lightning, being able to summon enormous bolts of electricity several times a minute. The creatures also maintain the classic air elemental tactic of turning into a whirlwind, though a much more violent whirlwind than an average air elemental.[1]


While originally from the Plane of Air, uthuls were at some point in the far past largely ejected to the Material Plane where they primarily reside. Uthuls will often hide in passing thunderstorms until such a time as they are ready to strike.[1]


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