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Seltyiel channels electricity through his sword and into an attacking dragon.

Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and motion of matter possessing an electric charge. Electricity is related to magnetism, and the combination of the two is referred to as electromagnetism. Common natural phenomena are related to electricity, including lightning, static electricity, electric discharges, and many others.1 Electricity is also a natural energy that can be manipulated or generated through magic.2

In technology

The Gale's Claw, an airship that uses electricity generated by Stasian technology.

Electricity can be transmitted through conductive materials, such as metals, and stored by certain materials in containers called batteries. Rare Stasian technology of Irrisen and Ustalav generates and transmits electricity without the use of magic, with chemical batteries capable of storing that power.34

The Tinwound Hydroplant of Alkenstar City generates electricity through water-turned turbines located on the Alken Falls and distributes it to other sites in the city through a large metal rail.5

In magic

An evoker prepares magical electricity.

Electricity is generated or amplified by many spells, runes, and alchemical items. For example, an electric latch rune imprints a latch with a rune that electrocutes a creature who touches it.6 Chain lightning spells generate a bolt of lightning that arcs to other nearby beings.7 Similarly, shock weapon runes infuse weapons with arcs of electricity that can leap from it to nearby creatures.8 Bottled lightning combines alchemical reagents that generate a violent electrical discharge when exposed to air.9


Electro-thaumaturgy is a mysterious combination of magic and science of Azlant1011 that forms one of the foundational theories of Aeromantic Infadibulum, the lost Shory Empire art that powered its flying cities.12 Electro-thaumaturgy facilitates the transmission and storage of arcane magical energy using methods similar to electricity.11

In creatures

An aquarium of eels powering electrical lights.

Some animals and beasts also harness electricity through a combination of natural abilities and magic. For example, a storm snake can absorb lightning and fly on currents of static electricity in storms.13 Electric eels can discharge a field of electricity as a defensive mechanism.14


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