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A vrock.

Vrocks are large, vulture-headed demons.1 They are also known as vulture demons or wrath demons.2

Associated sin

The associated sin of a vrock is wrath, hence why one of their alternative names is wrath demon.2


A vrock resembles a twisted combination of humanoid and vulture. A typical specimen is eight feet in height and 400 pounds in weight.1

Habitat and society

They are created in the Outer Rifts from the souls of hateful and angry mortals, such as criminals and mercenaries. They enjoy killing. They can be found in gangs of up to ten individuals.1

Vrocks worship the demon lord Pazuzu, patron of evil flying creatures.3


A vrock engaged in battle.

Vrocks fight in melee using their vicious beaks, front claws, and also their rear talons. The screech of a vrock can briefly stun its victims.1

They can also release clouds of spores, which have the unusual property of embedding themselves in surrounding creatures and almost instantly sprouting into ugly green vines. The process is painful and potentially fatal to weaker creatures.1

The dance of a vrock, if maintained for eighteen seconds, can generate a wave of lightning which electrocutes all creatures within 100 feet. If up to four vrocks dance simultaneously, the force of the blast increases accordingly.1


Vrocks inhabit the Outer Rifts,1 but are also often the first demons to leave when the opportunity to invade a new realm presents itself.4


Like other outsiders, vrocks can be bound by powerful magic. One such bound vrock's amplified telekinetic powers fuelled the magical engine of the spaceship Lirgen's Glory.5


Paizo published a sourcebook about demons called Demons Revisited, which includes a full chapter about vrocks.

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