Age of Creation

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The Age of Creation is a term used to describe the uncounted years of mythic time, beginning with the creation of Golarion and ending with the emergence of mortal beings upon its face (the Age of Serpents). It was a time when the deities of Golarion played a much more active role than they do today. It was during the Age of Creation that the great battle that led to Rovagug's imprisonment occurred.1


Deities battle Rovagug.

The following events are believed to have occurred during the Age of Creation, although not necessarily in the order given below. Several of these legends are collected in the Windsong Testaments, which might not reflect the true events.2

A map of the Great Beyond.
Pharasma judges souls.
  • Pharasma creates the River of Souls, which populates the Universe with mortal souls and life.3
  • Rovagug invades the Universe on its first day of existence and devours seven worlds before being driven back by other deities to the Outer Rifts. Desna memorializes these worlds in the Sevenfold Cynosure.3
  • The deities Calistria, Dou-Bral, Torag, Gorum, Dahak, and Apsu form.3
  • Intelligent mortal life forms in the Universe. Ihys advocates for mortals to have free will, which starts a war with his brother Asmodeus that kills countless beings and ends in Ihys's death at Asmodeus's hands.3
  • The Seal of creation disappears.2
  • Ihys's death attracts Rovagug back to the Universe where he devours numerous worlds full of sentient beings, beginning with the world where Asmodeus killed Ihys.3
  • Groetus first appears above the Boneyard.3
  • The Bound Prince devolves into the First of the Apocalypse Riders after consuming the souls of those killed by Rovagug.3
  • Achaekek suffers from insanity and devolves into a nearly mindless beast.3
  • An alliance of deities led by Sarenrae battle Rovagug before his consumption of the planets Golarion, Androffa, and Earth. Unable to destroy the Rough Beast, they imprison him in the Dead Vault, a demiplane trap built by Torag and Gorum within Golarion, the least developed of those threatened worlds.13 This marks the end of the Age of Creation.3

Other events believed to occur in this age include:

  • The Osirian deity Ra rules the other deities of his pantheon.6
  • Alghollthus rule Golarion's oceans.37
  • Other powerful beings, such as the xiomorn Vault Builders, rule the land.7
  • The empires of the Vault Builders and alghollthus go to war, eventually leading to the xiomorns abandoning Golarion.8
  • Lamashtu and Pazuzu tryst at a site now known as the Pit on Golarion, leaving behind the offspring demon Uvaglor.9


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