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Valkyries fight a hekatonkheires on an Outer Plane.

Valkyries are a race of outsiders from the Maelstrom who scour the battlefields of the Material Plane looking for fallen warriors to transform into einherjar.12


Valkyries appear as strong and beautiful human, dwarven, or elven women clad in a gleaming golden breastplate and carrying a shining spear. A human valkyrie is six feet tall and weighs close to 200 pounds.1


Valkyries are formed from shades risen from the souls of the greatest of soldiers. With a glance, a valkyrie can distinguish between someone who lives to fight another day and someone who cannot survive, and can either aid the living in the fight or claim the soul of the slain and transform them into einherjar. Valkyries and einherjar are often found in the Maelstrom, aboard ships or island realms, wherever the call of battle and conflict rages.12

Valkyries serve a variety of deities, most often Gorum and Calistria. They typically fight mounted on flying steeds such as dragon horses, pegasi or sleipnirs.134


A lawful variety of valkyries can be found in the Shatterhall in the Vault of the Onyx Citadel, transformed from dwarven shades from Kraggodan who got lost and followed the Stone Roads instead of the River of Souls upon death.5


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