Varisian caravan routes

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The Varisian people are famous for travelling within Varisia itself and far beyond. They have established over many years certain routes which are followed regularly by many of their kind.[1]

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Known caravan routes

There follows a list of some of the main caravan routes travelled by Varisians:[1]

Within Varisia

Cinder Road
From Wartle to Riddleport (along Ember Lake)
Dawn Shadow Path
From Korvosa to Kaer Maga, via Janderhoff
From Magnimar to Galduria (mostly along the Lost Coast)
From Magnimar to the source of the Yondabakari River

International routes

Crimson Coast Road
From Melfesh to Skelt, Nirmathas
From Riddleport to Jol in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings
From the source of the Yondabakari River eastwards until finally reaching Vigil, Lastwall