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Small city
Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 141

A place that is nigh impregnable to its enemies, the city of Skelt is of strategic importance to the whole of Nirmathas, being situated along the Shining River, which flows into the Tourondel River in northern Nirmathas.12 The city is located atop a large bluff and is only accessible one of two ways: either by water-powered lifts, or by several ramps, each of which has multiple drawbridges that can be raised at a moment's notice. The main forms of industry in Skelt are mining and lumber. The ore mined from the depth of the earth is brought up by huge lifts powered by dwarf-crafted waterworks. These same waterworks also power the ore grinders that help refine the ore into usable metals. Lumber is also a big industry in Skelt, with sawmills dotting the Tourondel River for miles down-river.2

Skelt is heavily reliant on trade; for a long time it only traded with the nearby dwarf hold of Kraggodan, but with the re-opening of the Bloodsworn Vale as a viable trade route, Skelt now has access to all Varisia, particularly the large cities of Korvosa and Magnimar.2


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