Vudran pantheon

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The symbol of Irori, the Perfect Human, head of the Vudran pantheon.

The Impossible Kingdoms of Vudra are vast and contain over a hundred small kingdoms known as mahajanapadas ruled by rajahs subservient to an almighty emperor called the maharajah. Even greater, however, is the number of deities worshipped in the land: some estimate more than a thousand, while others place the magnitude at over ten thousand forming a massive pantheon of conflicting ideas. Vudran clerics claim that they have been guided by their gods for over 50,000 years, though some Vudran exaggeration may conflate this figure. At Hemachandra, Seat of the Golden Moon the entire pantheon comes together: it is thought that the tower contains a shrine to every Vudran deity.123


At the head of the Vudran pantheon is Irori, Master of Masters, a god so powerful he is also widely worshipped as a major deity within the Inner Sea region and in Tian Xia.123

Worship outside Vudra

A handful of other Vudran deities are known in the Inner Sea region, primarily through contact with the Vudran enclave at Jalmeray. Nevertheless, scholars of the Inner Sea region are only beginning to scrape the surface of their understanding of this vast pantheon.123