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Titles The Eternal Hag
Alignment Chaotic evil (assumed)
Race/Species Green hag lich
Class Cleric 15
Gender Female
Homeland Mivon, River Kingdoms
Deity Gyronna

Source: Shadows of Gallowspire, pg(s). 73

Wilendithas is a powerful green hag lich who makes her lair in the southern Narlmarches in the River Kingdom of Mivon. In life, she resented her coven sisters before she consumed them to transform herself into a lich to fulfil her ambition to control the entire Sellen River. Her depredations on Mivon have caused some superstitious locals to curse her when hearing of misfortune as if she were Gyronna herself. It is said that her phylactery lies below the capital city of Mivon, placed there by either a hero that cannot destroy it, or an even more powerful rival who seeks to control Wilendithas.[1]