Wivver Noclan

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Wivver Noclan

Source: City of Locusts, pg(s). 20, 45

Wivver Noclan was a wizard in Sarkoris ca. 4600 AR. After unwittingly helping Areelu Vorlesh open the Worldwound, she fleshwarped and tormented him until her defeat.1


Noclan resembles a Tian man whose torso and lower body are a shapeless mass of mangled flesh.1


In 4600 AR, when imprisoned in the tower of Threshold for the crime of using arcane magic, Areelu Vorlesh discovered a strange thinness between Sarkoris and the Rasping Rifts, Deskari's Abyssal realm. She contacted Deskari and pledged her allegiance to him in exchange for aid in destroying the land that had betrayed her. She recruited two fellow prisoners, Noclan the god caller Opon, under the false promise of helping them escape. However, these two discovered that their portals led to the Rasping Rifts and undid their magic, forcing Areelu to cast them into the final closing portal.23 To torture him, she transformed him into an immortal fleshwarp in a former transmutation laboratory within Threshold.4


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