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Leader Kikkling the Slight
Alignment Neutral evil
Headquarters Caves beneath Pale Mountain
Scope Local (Brazen Peaks)
Members 45 gnolls, 4 flinds and 6 gnoll slaves

Wormhollow is a gnoll tribe from Katapesh's Pale Mountain. Their leader, Kikkling the Slight, is a toady and false zealot of Rovagug and opportunistically panders to the Carrion King.

The Wormhollow gnolls spy on the other gnoll tribes to find signs of dissension and faithlessness. The Carrion King enjoys the fear the Wormhollow tribe provokes in the other tribes. The members of the tribe possess useful skills as spies and liars, which the Carrion King takes advantage of when dealing with distant tribes and keeping tabs on the hordes of the Red Sultana to the south.

The tribe controls a shallow cave system that winds through the base of Pale Mountain.[1]


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