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Hell's Pawns

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Hell's Pawns
Hell's Pawns
Author(s) Dave Gross
Publisher Paizo Publishing, LLC
Price ePub: $4.99
Serialized August 2009–February 2010
Released May 2011
Type Short Fiction
Binding ePub
Pages 48 pages (in print)
isbn ISBN 978-1-60125-349-1
Series Pathfinder's Journal
Chapters 6 chapters
Follows Dark Tapestry
Precedes Prodigal Sons
Artwork from Hell's Pawns

Hell's Pawns is the third serialized novella published in the pages of Pathfinder Adventure Path. Continuing the format of a single author writing the entire novella, this six-part story is composed by veteran Forgotten Realms novelist Dave Gross and appears in the Council of Thieves Adventure Path. While the format of the novella remains primarily the same as its predecessors, the point of view shifts away from a first person journal of a Pathfinder, instead taking the form of the journal of a venture-captain's bodyguard.

In the devil-worshiping nation of Cheliax, crime is a strangely slippery concept, and those with money and power tend to make the rules. Yet when aristocrat detective Pathfinder Varian Jeggare and his devil-blooded bodyguard Radovan are drawn into a series of noble murders, it quickly becomes clear that there's more afoot than simply someone settling old scores. Add in a zealous Hellknight law-keeper with a chip on his shoulder, and not even the heroes are safe from suspicion. Can the crime-solving duo delve into the city's seedy underbelly and uncover the culprit in time to stop the murders, or will their next public appearance be writhing on the executioner's tines in the Plaza of Flowers?


Hell's Pawns features the following characters:


1. The Plaza of Flowers - The Bastards of Erebus (68)

The tiefling Radovan finds himself in a sticky situation when he is apprehended by thugs in the streets of Egorian. When a mysterious woman comes to his aid and helps him dodge the questions of suspicious hellknights, he finds that she has herself is in need of his assistance, for only Radovan can get her a meeting with his elusive master, the mystery-solving Pathfinder Varian Jeggare.

2. House Henderthane - The Sixfold Trial (74)

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3. The Goat Pen - What Lies in Dust (70)

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4. The Palace of Jubilations - The Infernal Syndrome (74)

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5. Blackrose Gardens - Mother of Flies (70)

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6. The Scions Academy - The Twice-Damned Prince (70)

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