Yellow musk zombie

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Yellow musk zombie

Temperate or warm forests
or underground
Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 285

Unfortunate souls who fell victim to the entrancing power of yellow musk spores, the wet and rotting corpses of yellow musk zombies still stumble about with a semblance of life. Not even true zombies in the undead sense, these animated bodies are more akin to plants, the result of hundreds of fast-growing tendrils planted within them by the parent yellow musk creeper plant. Yellow musk zombies are not damaged by positive channeled energy, nor are they healed by negative channeled energy. In all other respects, however, these creatures resemble standard undead zombies.1


Spawn of the crimson musk willow, a yellow musk creeper variant found only in the Bleeding Forest, are larger than standard yellow musk zombies and are called crimson musk vampires, due to their ability to drain blood like vampires.2


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