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Source: The Worldwound, pg(s). 39

Zelmisdria is the mistress of the ruins of the Winged Wood in the Sarkoris Scar.1


Zelmisdria rides upon the green dragon Azrivauxus, whom she seduced a few decades ago and eventually transformed into a fiendish creature. Depending on Zelmisdria's mood, Azrivauxus treats her as either her mother, daughter, or lover. Together, they frequently hunted for crusaders along the West Sellen River, earning a notoriety among both cultists and crusaders, before the Crusades ended with the closure of the Worldwound.1

When she came to the Weeping Wood, Zelmisdria entrapped and corrupted its surviving dryads, whose trees had been set ablaze by brimoraks a few years previously. These tortured dryads are covered in wounds, see with hollow eyes, and occasionally succumb to hysterical screaming. Zelmisdria views them as her 'lovely burning daughters' and sometimes forces them to serve her whims.1

Zelmisdria views herself as her own mistress, owing service to no one. Before his death, she often travelled to Iz to see another lover Khorramzadeh, who allowed her to operate independently. She also frequently receives bribes in the form of gold, magic, or disposable lovers from other demonic generals.1

Cultists have flocked to the Winged Wood in increasing numbers. Many of them have come to worship Zelmisdria as a goddess, and some clerics among them are being granted divine spells.1


Zelmisdria came to the Worldwound a few years after its formation, at the behest of Nocticula, who sought to learn if she could take advantage of the situation there. As her mistress lost interest in the Worldwound, Zelmisdria conversely grew more and more intrigued, eventually abandoning Nocticula and making the Winged Wood her domain.1


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